Peugeot 308 5-door tests and reviews.

Peugeot 308 5-door tests and reviews.

So, today we got for a test drive a newcomer from Peugeot – Peugeot 308. “Big brother” of the well-known 307 model, almost a mini-van, which some people even call “beast” … long, but this is only a prologue, right?

It is a well-known fact that a lion who has reached a position in society does not waste himself looking for food. Strong nerves and quick reactions were needed in the battles with competitors. But once having proved his competence, the lion prefers not to overexert himself.

Comparing Japanese and French cars is a thankless task. You will definitely slip into the banal opposition of Japanese reliability and manufacturability of French individuality and design.

Compare Peugeot with Toyota? Who would have thought of this six months ago? The most popular Japanese brands and French cars have too different weight categories for true gourmets. All the more surprising was the discovery – how similar they are!

The name of the hatchback Peugeot 308 differs from its predecessor Peugeot 307 by only one number. Gazeta.Ru studied the French language of numbers.

Some of the intrigues of Gerard Welter are to their liking, to others it all seems superfluous. For some reason, it is customary not to argue about tastes. But looking at the 308, it’s safe to say that it still stands out, like all cars of this French brand.

Good aroma: delicate, persistent, most importantly, pleasant and not cloying. The French car left the same impression as the French men’s perfume. Nice and not cloying. A French car is necessarily a charm combined with comfort. True, not every Russian will be able to charm the exterior: there is no aggression in the design, and the body is not a sedan.

This is a fairy tale: houses of stone and wood with gable roofs, immersed in a sea of ​​greenery and flowers. Following the winding mountain roads, you find yourself now above them, now on a cobbled stone street among them – in some village not forgotten by tourists, or in a small town.

Next year in our market “Peugeot-307” will be replaced by a new car. To get to know the debutante better, we went to her homeland – to Alsace, in the east of France. And I must say, the young personnel were pleasantly surprised.

Peugeot’s 300th models are always among the main players in the market. So the “three hundred and seventh” for six years sold around the world with a circulation of 3.215 million pieces. Moreover, it is still produced and successfully sold in Argentina and China. But in fashionable and sophisticated Europe, at the French factories in Sochaux – the historical homeland of Peugeot – and Mulhouse, the “three hundred and seventh” model is replaced by the 308

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